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Member price* Everyone can become our member, if you do 'Good' to our facebook page.

Please show us your 'Good' screen to our facebook page.

Flow of use.
  • STEP1
    First, please contact us by email or telephone.
    And check the availability of the cart at the day and hour you want to play.
    We welcome your reservation at the day, but you also have to check the availability before you come to our shop.
  • STEP2
    If you done the reservation, please come to our shop at the day.
    You have to bring your international driving license and passport.
    * Japanese have to bring your normal car driving license.
    We check your license ( and passport).
    Then please sign our 'user agreement document'.
    You can select or add options, and you can change the time of use.
  • STEP3
    Please pay the fee by cash.
    We issue the receipt if you want.
  • STEP4
    We lecture how to drive the cart at our parking.
    After finished hearing our lecture, start your driving in Tokyo!
    You can go anywhere within the time limit.
    Have a good time!
  • STEP5
    At the limit time, back to our parking to return the cart.
    If you exceeded the limit of time, please pay the difference.
  • We refuse you to drive if you wear high-heels or long-skirts( or something that makes your driving more difficult).
  • We lend the cart to you in full fuel if you will use within 1hour.
  • So please return the cart in full fuel.
  • If you did not refuel, please pay 800 yen for the fuel per a cart.
  • If you want to extend the time limit, please call us before the time exceeded.
  • Foreigners need International driving license and your passport.
Option with charge

If you want to use, please tell us at the resevation.

Option without charge

If you want to use, please tell us at the resevation.