* You can drive pubic road.

AKIBAKART is defined as 'minicar' in Japan law.
So you can drive public road without helmet if you have driving license that effective in Japan.

  • All carts have license plates.
  • Cart's max running speed is 60km/h. Same as the limit of running speed in law(except specified by each road sign).
  • Accel pedal is right side, Brake pedal is left side.
    Cart's body color is black or red.

* AKIBAKART details.

  • The cart's gear is automatic.
    (F)orward (N)eutral (R)ear
  • Winker, hazard lamp is ready.
    The handle is a little heavy ( no power steering ).
  • The seat slide to foward or to backward.
    Driver's tall limit is from 150cm to 185cm.

Main Specifications.
Length-Width-Hight/Wheelbase 2,080mm-1,120mm-700mm/1,340mm
Weight-Minimum ground clearance-eat height 95kgs-120mm-240mm
Prime mover/Displacement Air cooled engine 2 cycle single cylinder(split refueling)/49.3cc
Bore stroke/Battery tank capacity 40Φ×39.2mm/4.4L(unleaded gasoline)
Power/Torque 3.1kW(4.15ps)/6,800rpm/4.4Nm(0.45kgf)/6,000rpm
Compression ratio/Cab 7.8:1/piston bulb mikuni vm16(MJ#55)
Starter/Ignition/Fuel economy cell-motor/ CDI/ 20km/L(50km/h)
Battery capacity/Type 12V-4Ah(10h)/YTX5L-BS
Clutch/Transmission Centrifugal clutch/CVT(Reverse gear,differential gear)
Wheel size 15*6.0-6/16*6.5-8(Tubeless)
Brake format/Suspension Drum brake/Rigid axle
Capacity/Maximum speed 1 person/55km/h(speed limiter - standard equipment)